86 Life Answers. Sagittarius by John Mesina

By John Mesina

Sagittarius: November 23 - December 20

The Archer.

Candid. stressed, impatient, curious, impulsive, nature- and sport-lover.

This booklet offers solutions to 86 lifestyles questions about wealth, good fortune and happiness.

Know thyself and your appropriate mate.

Be guaranteed of your destiny.

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Super Bowl tickets, roller blades, skis, flying lessons, and if price is no object, a sports car or motorcycle! Most Archers love risk, so they’d really enjoy a weekend in Las Vegas or Atlantic City, or sunny day at the races – any kind! Books on Yoga, Zen, astrology or comparative religions would appeal to your Sag’s fascination with unusual philosophies. 55 Knowing when Sagittarius’ hunch is right When you have a hunch about something, it actually is Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) working – a sixth sense beyond the traditional five senses.

28 How to put fear behind you, Sagittarius Optimistic, farsighted and energetic, you Centaurs seem to radiate success potential. But when you fail to live up to your promise, you may blame it on the streak of bad luck. The real reasons, though, are often more subtle and psychological. Secretly, success may frighten you because of what you think it may entail. Always ready for adventure, you could fear having to settle down in order to hold a prestigious position. You even might pass up a great job or promotion if it means a loss of freedom—or prevents you from being able to do things “your way”.

Your positive thinking inspires others to do their best. You’re an effective productive manager. 7. Your genial social style and conversational wit help you advance—everyone likes and remembers you. 8. You need freedom, if your present job is confining, volunteer for stimulating outside projects. 9. Challenge is essential to you, but don’t let a quest for variety keep you from reaping the fruits of your labors. 10. To reach your goal, regularly say these power words aloud as you visualize vour desire: I can, I will, I believe!

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