A Collection of Wisdom by Rodney Ohebsion

By Rodney Ohebsion

A set of knowledge comprises over six hundred pages of the world's maximum knowledge and teachings from humans, fees, classical texts, philosophies, cultures, folktales, and proverbs. The booklet captures the essence of an grand abundance and diversity of the universe's knowledge, and places it in an remarkable point of readability, potency, and accessibility. From the lessons of Confucius to the proverbs of Africa; from Cyrus the Great's Human Rights constitution to sunlight Tzu's The paintings of warfare; from the Mulla Nasrudin stories to the Lakota local American cultural teachings; from The Prince by means of Niccolo Machiavelli to classes in line with the lifetime of Oprah Winfrey; from the company tools of Andrew Carnegie to the philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche; and from the simplest of los angeles Rochefoucauld to the simplest of Zen Buddhism--there is nearly no stone a set of knowledge leaves unturned in its 608 pages and seventy two chapters. a set of knowledge masterfully organizes fabric, summarizes books, makes easy factors, makes use of transparent sleek English translations of overseas fabric, makes the imprecise transparent, and takes out inappropriate and redundant info. the result's a e-book that's extra worthwhile than a stack of average self-help books, extra fascinating than a set of traditional philosophy books, and extra eye-catching and informative than a pile of quote and proverb books. a suite of knowledge is bound to be the center piece in anyone's own bookshelf.

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In knowledge of the Plant Devas, Thea summer season Deer finds a brand new size of natural medication, one the place the plant’s spirit is consulted for information and therapeutic past the actual. analyzing the botany, sleek and standard makes use of, historical past, and folklore of thirteen specified herbs, corresponding to rosemary, uva ursi, and datura, she stocks divinations and messages from their devas, or plant spirits, explaining how those tales hold the herbs into our lives, permitting them to paintings their magic on us. Exploring natural drugs from an lively viewpoint, she unearths that by way of communing with the deva of a plant, we will be able to name at the plant’s actual, mental, and non secular drugs and guidance--without consuming it or perhaps being in its presence.

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Hide your body in the Big Dipper. Everything the same; everything different. When I eat, I eat. When I sleep, I sleep. When sitting, sit. When walking, walk. [unless you are wobbling]. Above all, don’t wobble The obstacle is the path. Sitting quietly, doing nothing, spring comes and the grass grows by itself. Only when you can be extremely flexible and soft can you be extremely hard and strong.

None of them are produced just for others to use them. Man catches and eats certain creatures that are suitable for food, but how can it be deduced that Nature creates these solely for man’s use? ” The Superlative Horse Duke Mu of Ch’in said to Po Lo [a famous judge of horses], “You are now advanced in years. ” Po Lo replied, “A good horse can be picked out by its general build and appearance. But the superlative [of the highest excellence] horse— one that raises no dust and leaves no tracks—is something evasive and fleeting, elusive as thin air.

The Next Day Disciple: “OK. No one is around now. ” The Master took the disciple to a bamboo orchard, and did not say anything. Some time passed and the disciple did not appear to understand, so the Master spoke. ” Who Constricts You? ” Master: “When you have not left home yet, wisdom uses you. ” Master: (coughs) What is Your Way? ” ZEN PROVERBS AND SAYINGS If you understand, things are just as they are. If you do not understand, things are just as they are. The infinite is in the finite of every moment.

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A Collection of Wisdom by Rodney Ohebsion
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