A contextual grammar of Acehnese sentences by by Abdul Gani Asyik.

By by Abdul Gani Asyik.

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However, adjectives are different from verbs in some other aspects. 3, adjectives are different from verbs in comparative constructions. And adjectives, but not verbs, are the main source of adverbs of manner. 4. All adjectives, but not all verbs, can be used as noun modifiers. 4. The discussion in this chapter is divided into four main sections, dealing with nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs. The section on nouns gives some description on pronouns and their prefixal and suffixal forms, which have very important functions in Acehnese grammar.

And na respectively. nvan for [nan] 'that' nyum for [num] 'taste' 21 I singet for [sinfct] 'leaning' singa for [sirja] 'lion' d) . ,nj,, and ngg respectively, which are the actual forms used in Greater Aceh. These consonants are long in medial position. 39] 'stork' The consonant chart of the new spelling is as follows. ) 1 r [ii]. Vowels The only vowels from the previous charts that are used without any change in the new spelling are [i], [u], and [a]. Other vowels are changed or spelled as follows.

2) boh 'fruit;' this is used for everything that does not have a special classifier. This includes buildings, 51 furniture, tools, almost everything in the market, natural objects, countries, etc. 20. Lang gampong geutanyoe na duwa boh krueng. ' boh can also be used to replace classifiers bak when the head noun is rukok 'cigarette,' and krek. ' 21. Neu-bri saboh/sibak rukok. ' give me a (3) krek/krak 'piece;' this word is used with pieces of long objects, pencils, pens, rifles, spears, swords, etc.

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A contextual grammar of Acehnese sentences by by Abdul Gani Asyik.
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