A Jazz Lexicon by Robert S Gold

By Robert S Gold

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Barrel-house . ( synonyms — 1935 Vanity for hot slang for "cheap saloon" ) . music are — 1949 Mu- Library Association Notes, Dec, p. 39. " Term seems have originated in relation to to the type of piano entertainment oflFered in cheap saloons and New Orleans houses of prostitution about 1910. — A History of Jazz in America, p. 349. barrelhouse: the New Orleans cabarets in which liquor was dis- in 1952 after pensed from music that is rough and ready, but not exclusively. 1956 barrel house: Southern term once used barrels; — chiefly applied to Dixieland, Guide to Jazz.

70H. boo: marijuana. boogie, boogie-woogie, 1957 quots. ; see 1946 quot. ; also, now rare, as verb: to dance to the n. [see 1942, 1943, — music or to have a good time ( see 1955, i960 quots. ) 1928 Pine Top's Boogie Woogie (tune composed by Pine Top Smith). 1942 American Mercury, July, p. 94. — boogie-woogie: type of dancing and rhythm. For years — meant secondary syphilis. 1943 The Jazz Record, 15 April, p. 3. The word "boogie" was derived from our old grandmothers' use of the word meaning the devil.

V. coin. five . p. is p. 148. five cents. [poss. 2. 114. their . blips. , depression 1930's there was an esp. close relation be- tween money and pleasure; i960 Dictionary of American Slang, p. 43. "]ive use since 1935"; obs. since c. c. 1945] — 1938 Cab Calloway: Hi De Ho, something very good. — 1944 Dan Burley's Original Handbook of Harlem very good. — See first quot, p. 16. blip: Jive, p. 134. v. blip: superlative. block (or blocked) chord, [from the fixed, blocklike relation of the hands to each other when playing these c.

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