A Magical Tour of the Night Sky: Use the Planets and Stars by Renna Shesso

By Renna Shesso

"The sky used to be our unique calendar, our unique storybook, the 1st illustrated variation, the prototype GPS. past its pragmatic usefulness, the sky was once the area of spirit, traversed through deities and a spot to which human souls departed. Let's re-enchant it, shall we?"

Shamanic practitioner, priestess of the Craft, and writer of Math for Mystics Renna Shesso invitations readers alongside as she takes a pagan's examine the evening sky. 

A Magical journey of the evening Sky: Use the Planets and Stars for private and Sacred Discovery draws on astronomy, Tarot, shamanism, astrology, Wicca, lore, legend, and historical past to interpret the stream of the evening sky and re-awaken our spirits.

Included is a treasure trove of knowledge in regards to the North megastar, the constellations of the zodiac (including Ophiuchus), the solar, the Precession of the Equinoxes, the Moon, and the obvious planets, plus approximately a hundred and fifty illustrations, and appendixes that chart planetary movement from the current as much as 12 months 2050. every one bankruptcy ends with practices to aid us reconnect with our sacred selves.  This is sky magic, shamanic star-gazing.

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A Magical Tour of the Night Sky: Use the Planets and Stars by Renna Shesso
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