Aberrant Project Utopia (Aberrant) by Carl Bowen

By Carl Bowen

It really is extra robust than international locations. It controls extra novas than the other entity on the earth. it truly is undertaking Utopia, stalwart dad or mum of Earth. Utopia has ended wars, cured illnesses and kept complete populations from hunger. So why are a few novas so hell-bent to take it down?

This sourcebook info venture Utopia and the novas who serve it. a complete association together with subsidiaries workforce the next day and venture Proteus is roofed in minute aspect during this 144-page tome.

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Region Gazetteer The deafening roar of hot, fetid wind greets any who journey to the edge of the immense 20-mile-wide Pit of Gormuz. No reasonable means of ingress presents itself along the circumference, though a treacherous series of continually crumbling handholds, bitterly named "The LastStairway," descends into the pit below a shrine of carved maws and jagged talons. Within the pit darkness, foulness, and heat reign, and few mortals can withstand the ear-splitting wails of the winds, the face-melting blasts of hell-furnace heat, and the pure and sinister stink of the pit without losing their sanity or their lives.

At the bottommost tier, a tunnel barely wide enough for a human dives deeper stillĀ­ the sipapu, or Earthnavel in the Common tongue. Besides deadly dinosaurs adapted to eternal dark, fur-clad ghosts of long-dead warriors roam in the caverns beneath the Earthnavel. Only the eldest bloodspeakers of the Mammoth Lords know the rituals that hold these ghosts at bay. Those who descend the pits, pass through the sipapu, and brave the caverns beyond eventually reach Deep Tolguth, the Orvian lost world of dinosaurs and troglodytes.

Unfortunately the zealous creature, whose true nature is still a mystery, foolishly underestimated the combined might of the Rough Beast's most deadly offspring. The slain beast's massive skeleton now adorns the lava-drenched walls of the pit's lowest reaches; the bones' immunity to fire prevents them from being completely destroyed by the constant flow of molten earth. Rovagug's most ambitious servitors, those with the means and will to descend to the very core of Golarion, to their god's doorstep, have hollowed out many of these gigantic bones to serve as strongholds.

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Aberrant Project Utopia (Aberrant) by Carl Bowen
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