Advanced Engineering Mathematics by K. A. Stroud

By K. A. Stroud

Key positive aspects * a distinct technique-oriented method takes the scholar in the course of the arithmetic in a hugely obtainable manner * entire assurance of all issues required by way of undergraduates at complicated degrees of arithmetic in engineering and technology * countless numbers of labored examples and a growing number of hard routines * perfect both as a part of a path or for self-study

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Centrifugal force: An outward push that may be felt when making a turn. It is actually an effect of inertia and not a real force. chemistry: The branch of science dealing with substances. downforce: A downward force that helps a moving car stick to the ground. It is caused by the air flowing around the car. draft: Two or more cars going at high speeds very close together in single file. This formation slightly reduces the effects of air resistance on the cars. The use of this technique is called drafting or slipstreaming.

Friction: A force resisting the movement of an object across a surface. gravity: A force that pulls objects toward the center of Earth. inertia: The tendency of an object to resist being accelerated. A force has to be applied in order to put into motion an object that is at rest or to change the velocity of an object that is moving. kinetic energy: The energy of a moving object. mass: The amount of matter in an object. momentum: A measure of an object’s motion. It equals the object’s mass multiplied by its velocity.

Kelley, K. C. NASCAR. New York: Marshall Cavendish Benchmark, 2010. Schwartz, Heather E. The Science of a Race Car: Reactions in Action. Mankato, MN: Capstone Press, 2010. com/techarticles// ctrp_0707_motorsports_science ce This webpage from Circle Track magazine’s website talks about the many ways racing relies on science. It includes a link to Circle Track’s Young Racers’ Club, which has stories about teenage racers’ experiences. com/inside_f1 This section of the official site for Formula 1 tells about rules, safety, and driving Formula 1 cars.

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Advanced Engineering Mathematics by K. A. Stroud
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