Advanced Polymer Composites and Polymers in the Civil by L. C. Hollaway, P. R. Head

By L. C. Hollaway, P. R. Head

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Chapter 1 - Introduction

, Pages 1-4
Chapter 2 - complicated polymer composite fabrics and their components

, Pages 7-35
Chapter three - Manufacture and homes of complicated polymer composites proper to civil engineering

, Pages 37-88
Chapter four - restrict country design

, Pages 89-106
Chapter five - FRP strengthening and service of strengthened concrete systems

, Pages 109-159
Chapter 6 - complicated polymer composite reinforcement for concrete construction

, Pages 161-186
Chapter 7 - Geotechnical applications

, Pages 187-220
Chapter eight - functions in complicated polymer composite constructions

, Pages 221-286
Chapter nine - the long run for the complex polymer composite within the civil infrastructure

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In civil engineering there are currently two processes which come under this heading: (1) the resin infusion under flexible tooling (RIFT) (2) the XX-sys Technologies process. (i) The resin infusion under flexible tooling (RIFT) process The semi-automated RIFT process has been developed to retrofit carbon fibre composites to steel, cast iron and concrete structures. The high quality composites which are formed in situ are bonded to the structure in one operation, by the laminating resin, during the manufacturing procedure.

Mainly for the building industry; a discussion of these articles is outside the remit of this book. The co-extrusion process manufactures multi-layered. Chapter 3. Manufacture and properties of advanced polymer composites relevant to civil engineering 49 Maximum load that material can support (/) Fibre being formed The greater the elongation of the specimen the greater is the degree of alignment of the molecules of the material strain Fig. 4. Stress-strain characteristic for a polyolefin thermoplastic polymer.

The pull-winding machine is designed to wind hoop or 44 Advanced polymer composites and polymers in the civil infrastructure Ami-clockwise Helically \A/ound inner layer Unidirectional inner layer Fig. 2. Diagrammatic representation of the pull-winding machine. (By kind permission of Pultrex Ltd. ) angled fibres at a constant wind pitch between layers of uni-directional fibres. Resin is applied to the uni-directional fibres via a bath type resin tank in conjunction with a standard type dipper system.

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