Advanced Practical Medicinal Chemistry by Ashutosh Kar

By Ashutosh Kar

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When it is NOT IN USE). It may also be ‘remedied’ by turning up the flow rate of the ‘inert gas’ during such period when the still is getting cooled. The ‘oil bubbler’ also helps in the release of increased gas volume in the still, if any, to avoid any possible explosion. P-IV\C:\N-ADV\CH3-1 49 PERFORMING THE REACTIONS II. Reactions Performed at Elevated Temperatures In a situation, when a reaction is required to be heated or there exists a possibility that it might be ‘exothermic’ in nature, it is absolutely necessary to incorporate a condenser into the reaction assembly, as depicted in Fig.

In reality, the plethora of organic reactions both simpler and complex ones are mostly found to be sluggish, needs manipulation carefully, requires gentle persuation, governed by stringent experimental conditions, demands high-degree of purity of starting materials and reagents guided by thousands of tested and tried organic name reactions, and above all the personal skill, talent, wisdom and imagination of the ‘research chemist’ to arrive at the ‘target-drug-molecule’ via proven and scientifically reproducible routes of synthesis.

Drug synthesis may be accomplished by the actual preparation of a wide variety of compounds involving a representative careful selection of typical documented reaction processes and latest techniques. Perhaps, logically and justifiably the prospective budding ‘medicinal chemists’ on the strong foot-hold of good theoretical knowledge and the various chemical, physical and spectroscopical aspects may begin to understand more vividly and explicitely the cardinal factors that essentially attribute their reactivity vis-a-vis biological activity.

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Advanced Practical Medicinal Chemistry by Ashutosh Kar
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