Akkadian Prayers and Hymns: An Introduction by Alan Lenzi (editor)

By Alan Lenzi (editor)

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Barbara Nevling Porter; Transactions of the Casco Bay Assyriological Institute 2; Chebeaugue Island, ME: Casco Bay Assyriological Institute, 2009) for ancient Mesopotamia. 24 See Black and Green for a convenient summary of the most important of these. 10 READING AKKADIAN PRAYERS AND HYMNS: AN INTRODUCTION tions of such communication as well as the actual texts that contain these communications are well-attested. Many of these powerful beings could be both benevolent and malevolent toward a human.

2). One final question concludes this discussion of refining a definition of prayer and praise to fit the Akkadian material, namely, how do the communal and institutional aspects of religious activity come to bear upon our understanding of Akkadian prayer and praise? As for the communal side of the issue, we do not know as much as we would like about the actual Sitz im Leben of many prayers (see the descriptions below). ” See Alan Lenzi, “Šiptu ul Yuttun: Some Reflections on a Closing Formula in Akkadian Incantations,” in Gazing on the Deep: Ancient Near Eastern, Biblical, and Jewish Studies in Honor of Tzvi Abusch (ed.

Only very rarely does one see the legitimation formulae in incantation-prayers. 51 These exceptions are reminders that cultural data rarely fit neatly into compartmentalized categories. However, the fact that they are exceptional examples bolsters the usefulness of the analytical generalization presented here. 52 Even though this generalization is still simplistic,53 it suggests there is heuristic value to maintaining our modern category of prayer as a subset of Mesopotamian ritual speech (see fig.

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Akkadian Prayers and Hymns: An Introduction by Alan Lenzi (editor)
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