An introduction to early childhood : a multidisciplinary by Tim Waller

By Tim Waller

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Any suggestion that they are helping to deny disabled children basic human rights or perpetuating institutional discrimination would be denied by many. A more cynical observation would be that it is in the interests of the two branches of education to remain distinctive to preserve the status quo and consolidate their expertise and influence. HINDRANCES TO INCLUSION Current UK government policy seems to be increasing scrutiny of student attainment and performance related indicators with the publication of school league tables (Gabriel, 2004).

Promoting children’s rights to participate does not mean advocating that children should make all decisions themselves, whatever their age or level of competence. However, it is clear that children are not able to participate effectively in many decisions affecting their lives. The influence of dominant constructions of childhood, as well as of prevalent incremental theories of development, can prevent a child’s individual needs and levels of competence being recognized, and can lead to him or her being seen as one of a uniform group of people rather than a separate and unique person.

Social inclusion was prioritized on Chantelle’s IEP. The need for an advocate for Chantelle was stressed to the teacher. There were concerns about the standard of care at home but this was clearly not Chantelle’s fault. A Support Assistant who primarily worked with another child was particularly sensitive to the situation and she began to include Chantelle in small group activities. Positive modelling of behaviour towards Chantelle from the Assistant began to positively affect the behaviour of her peers.

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An introduction to early childhood : a multidisciplinary by Tim Waller
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