An introduction to the electronic theory of valency by Speakman J

By Speakman J

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Anonymous 152] Such binary interpretations are rare, however. What we typically get is a dream symbol, followed by a universal interpretation applicable to any dreamer: To dream that your brother or sister or some relative has died points to an additional span of life. [Daniel 15] Sacrificing a rooster is good, provided that it is not strangled. [Daniel 16] 23 Achmet himself often interprets a dream only in accordance with social status and gender, as he restricts himself to kings, noblemen, commoners, the poor, and women.

Dreams may come from God, from daemones, or from the soul itself. In the last case, the soul prognosticates the future through its connection with the Soul of the universe: the dreamer’s own soul, when the senses are at rest, contemplates the coherence of all things and so knows the future. The first-century BCE Stoic Posidonius used these same categories, but also distinguished subtypes. He asserted that predictive dreams are not always straightforward and clear; instead, they may be enigmatic by containing symbolism.

And the dream turned out just as he had predicted. [147] A married woman came and consulted the dream interpreter: “I dreamt that I was walking about in public unveiled. ” And so it turned out, for the husband died abroad. [264] Unlike Achmet (and Artemidorus), the Byzantine dreambook writers do not go to such lengths to interpret their dream symbols. As a rule, each interpretation is applicable to anyone, irrespective of factors like gender, economic means, political rank, and state of health.

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An introduction to the electronic theory of valency by Speakman J
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