Ancient Alexandria Between Egypt And Greece (Columbia by William V. Harris, Giovanni Ruffini

By William V. Harris, Giovanni Ruffini

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20 walter scheidel increased by 4,275 people per year, and natural decrease had necessitated the addition of a further 4,445 individuals, annual immigration would have amounted to 8,720. 6 million. 06% of the source population. 33 If some of the migrants came from outside the Ptolemaic territories, as must have been the case, demand on domestic sources would have been even lower. These schematic calculations show that the immigration requirements that are logically implied by my above range of estimates (Table 1 and Figure 8) could have been met by the available sources without resulting in population decline or de-urbanisation outside the new capital.

49 As in the case of Alexandria, the original layout of Antioch is debated. 51 According to Strabo’s less than compelling account, the original site consisted of a walled quarter for the Greek settlers and a second one, perhaps for the local Syrians. 52 If it is justifiable to use this as a rough index of urban expansion, it appears that preRoman growth was concentrated in the first 130 years of the city’s existence. 54 These developments, and the urban evolution of Antioch, might be best consistent with an S-shaped metropolitan growth curve characterised by substantial expansion in the third and early second centuries BCE.

69 We cannot tell whether the top billing for the Egyptians was meant to imply a ranking in terms of quantity. 72 I have summarised all this material to demonstrate how little the sources tell us. With regard to the breakdown of the metropolitan population, no meaningful theoretical predictions can be verified or falsified by the available data, and it is impossible to relate models to evidence. 73 Apart from symbolic figures,74 even the most rudimentary statistics are generally unavailable. There is no good reason to doubt reports that forced population transfers played a significant role, at least in the early stages of new settlements.

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Ancient Alexandria Between Egypt And Greece (Columbia by William V. Harris, Giovanni Ruffini
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