Apparent and Microscopic Contact Angles by Kash L. Mittal, J. Drelich, Laskowski

By Kash L. Mittal, J. Drelich, Laskowski

This ebook chronicles the complaints of the foreign Symposium on obvious and Microscopic touch Angles, held at the side of the yank Chemical Society assembly in Boston, August 24-27, 1998. The e-book is split into 4 components: Nanoscopic and Molecular results on touch Angles; floor Forces and floor unfastened strength; Wetting of Heterogeneous, tough and Curved Surfaces; Dynamic results involved attitude Measurements. one of the issues lined are: touch line rigidity dimension; liquid drop floor topography; molecular mechanisms of hydrophobic transitions; stereochemical and conformational facets of polymer surfaces; choice of acid-base homes of steel oxides and polymers by way of touch attitude size; van Oss--Good thought of acid-base floor unfastened energies; AFM dimension of forces; skinny liquid movies; wettability of flat and curved surfaces; touch perspective hysteresis; elements affecting touch attitude meassurements; dynamic wetting habit; and impact of surfactants on wetting.

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This is what probably took place on the surface of the fluoroaliphatic coating after a few minutes (Fig. 8). A detailed analysis of the contact angle data for the fluoroaliphatic coating is difficult as both the contact line pinning effects and the coalescence processes took place in this system as well. 5. CONCLUSIONS The contact angle results presented in this paper indicate that both advancing and receding contact angles undergo changes over time in the imperfect water-air- solid systems - systems that differ from the system described by Young’s equation on the macroscopic scale of the observations.

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Apparent and Microscopic Contact Angles by Kash L. Mittal, J. Drelich, Laskowski
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