Applied Heterogeneous Catalysis: Design, Manufacture, and by J. F. Le Page

By J. F. Le Page

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2. 1 , when b is 1 0, 1, 0. 03 bar - 1 for curves 1 ,2,3 and 4 respectively. FIG. 2) 20 2 KINETICS OF CHEM ICAL REACTIONS IN H ETEROGENEOUS CATALYSIS Eq uations (2. 2) are commonly transformed to give linear plots of ex perimental adsorp tion data, so that b can be determined from those p lots (Fig. 2. 1). In the case of mixtures, it can easily be shown that the surface, u i , covered by each constituent of the mixture is: bA PA ----'-' '-"----': --- -CTA = -----,1 + b A PA + b8 P8 + b s Ps Us = 1 + b P + b8 P8 + ...

8) as well as by saturated hydrocarbons adsorbed onto certain reduced metals. 1 GENERAL 11 3 Fm. 8 Dissociative adsorption of hydrogen on platinum: ( 1 ) physical adsorption; (2) transition state (See Fig. 1 . 5); (3) chemisorption. Associative adsorption is illustrated by the adsorption of ethylene as: CH 2 = CH 2 + 2M +=t CH 2 - CH 2 I -M 1 - I M- I Also certain molecules exhibit a less clearly defmed adsorbed state, as for example, carbon monoxide which can be adsorbed on metals as: In any event, chemisorption is limited to only one layer of molecules and, unlike physical adsorption, is speciftc, so that different molecules will not be adsorbed on the same surface to the same amount or in the same way.

FIG. 8 Graphical solutions for the ratios of Eq. 7), based on the concurrent parallel hydrogenation of benzene, toluene and p-xylene. 5 wt. % sulfur as dimethyl sulfide. 08 H2 / HC The straight-line plots of the data show that the reactions are firSt order in the adsorbed phase, as well as that the reactivities over this catalyst are the inverse of those over Raney nickel. Linero, M. , PhD. thesis, Paris, 1 974. 5 = 4 log . 8 I 0. § II. - c � k, b. 4 Conversion of A Consecutive reactions illustrated by the progressive hydrogenation over Raney nickel of phenol to cyclohexanone and hence to cyclohexanol: FIG.

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