Armies of the Abyss: Book of Fiends, Vol. 2 (d20 System) by Erik Mona

By Erik Mona

Eco-friendly Ronin took you to the Pit in Legions of Hell, giving devils their due. Now its time to take a journey of the Abyss and get an up shut and private examine the masters of chaos, the demons. An never-ending number of demons populate the infinity of the Abyss, and quantity 2 of the booklet of Fiends grants the lowdown on greater than 50 of the vilest outsiders the multiverse has to supply. 3E thought artist Sam wooden leads an all-star assemblage of creative expertise in bringing those beasts to existence and entire d20 stats around out the package deal. Armies of the Abyss are at the march!

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G host s The children of Death Wolf inherit a close tie to death and the dead, even if they would rather go without. The Bone Shadows have access to a tremendous amount of lore concerning the ghosts of the human dead, even if that lore is scattered throughout the tribe rather than maintained in a central source. Therefore, the general tendency is to treat ghosts in similar fashion as spirits — pay them in kind. A vengeful ghost that plagues the living should be removed. A ghost that interacts only in short, harmless (if frightening) bursts with the living is less in need of a permanent solution.

The message itself could be a word of warning (“Do not trust the Irralunim by Scalpel Rock”) or a snippet of myth (“Upon this rock, Ten Quiet Thunders tamed the Spider Duchess, and took a serpent-shaped scar upon his muzzle”). ” Custom: Crack ing the S hell One custom has emerged out of the traditions of Asian Bone Shadows, and has found its way among Western wolves. The custom involves taking a bleached turtle’s shell and painting it with glyphs and ritual prayers. The ritemaster then drills or taps a hole in the center of the bony shell.

Cunning is sharp, shallow and fast.

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Armies of the Abyss: Book of Fiends, Vol. 2 (d20 System) by Erik Mona
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