[Article] On the Real Folds of Abelian Varieties by Lefschetz S.

By Lefschetz S.

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W P [K (T )I#K M ( M T )IM ] , ? 50) receives additional terms due to the Yang}Mills couplings. 35) are replaced by D D I"E + R D I! 51) ? + ? P P ? GH ?  M  M   M  M  M M n  D D? M I"E + R D? M I!  DP M I#A P (D? M T )I#A D? M I# I n M D M D? 45). 32). 3. 5. 3. Superxeld actions and equations of motion Invariant actions in superspace supergravity are obtained upon integrating superspace densities over the commuting and anticommuting directions of superspace. Densities, in this case, are constructed with the help of E, the superdeterminant of E .

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[Article] On the Real Folds of Abelian Varieties by Lefschetz S.
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