Ascendance (The Second DemonWars Saga, Book 1) by R.A. Salvatore

By R.A. Salvatore

A lot to the seething dismay of his very long time mistress, King Danube has requested Jilseponie Wyndon to turn into his queen. yet she is torn. How can she love any guy as thoroughly as she did the Ranger Elbryan, the daddy of the kid she misplaced? yet unknown to Jilseponie, that kid by no means died. Aydrian was once stolen away through the queen of the elves. A headstrong boy secretly raised to be a weapon, Aydrian exhibits nice promise within the arts of combat–and he's as strong with the gemstone magic as his mom. Now De’Unnero, the weretiger and mortal enemy of Jilseponie, will subscribe to forces with Aydrian, who's hungry for power–and on a collision path with future. . . .

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Danube’s love for Jilseponie seemed to him a pure thing, a higher truth than the mere physical lust that so permeated the streets of Ursal.  . “It will be a fine summer,” King Danube remarked, as much to himself as to Bretherford, or to anyone else, and surely the King’s smile was one of sincerity. ” Abbot Shuden Ohwan cried with the exuberance of one obviously nervous when he saw Constance striding across the nave of the great chapel of St. Honce. ” “All is in place for Prince Torrence’s acceptance of the Evergreen, I assure you, as I assured you last week.

Father Abbot Agronguerre’s health is failing,” Braumin admitted. “He is an old man, growing tired, by all accounts. ” “And there is no clear successor,” Viscenti added. ” “And I will back him,” Abbot Braumin quickly, and surprisingly, added. ” Jilseponie asked. “I am still too young to win, I fear,” said Braumin. ” “A man of whom you were never fond,” Jilseponie reminded him. “But a far better choice than the alternative,” Braumin replied. “For if it is not Master Bou-raiy, then surely it will be Abbot Olin of St.

Ten times! And for them, there is a promise of another life after this, while I’ll rot in the ground in blackness, not even knowing. How could I not have been born Touel’alfar? Why this feeble human parentage, this curse, this sentence to a brief and fast-fading life, this invitation to nothingness? What unfairness to me! And doubly unfair that I have been raised among the Touel’alfar, these immortal beings, where the shortcomings of my heritage are so painfully obvious every moment of every day!

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Ascendance (The Second DemonWars Saga, Book 1) by R.A. Salvatore
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