Automorphic Forms on GL(3,R) by D. Bump

By D. Bump

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2 Types of Dry Feeders Two types of dry feeders are volumetric and gravimetric, depending on whether the chemical is measured by volume (volumetric-type) or weight (gravimetric-type). Simpler and less expensive than gravimetric pumps, volumetric dry feeders are also less accurate. Gravimetric dry feeders are extremely accurate, deliver high feed rates, and are more expensive than volumetric feeders. 4 Chemical feeder calibration ensures effective control of the treatment process. Obviously, chemical feed without some type of metering and accounting of chemical used adversely affects the water treatment process.

Solution: Given: Height = 120 feet Diameter = 25 feet Cylindrical Shape 'From, Lowry, M. V. Storage of Potable Water. (p. 495), in Foster, C. K. ) Manual of Water Utility Operations. Austin, Texas: Texas Water Utilities Association, 1998. 'From Hammer, M. J. and Hammer, M. , Jr. Water and Wasfavater Technology, 3rd ed. , pp. 186-1 87, 1996. Practical Water Distribution System Calculations Find: total gallons of water contained in the tank Step l : Find the volume in cubic feet. 785(625 ft2)(120 ft) = 58,875 ft3 Step 2: Find the number of gallons of water the cylindrical tank will contain.

CHAPTER 3 Chemical Solution and Feeder Calibration If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in waler. 1 ' INTRODUCTION A significant part of a waterworks operator's important daily operational functions includes measuring quantities of chemicals and applying them to a water at preset rates. Normally accomplished semiautomatically by use of chemical feeder devices, waterworks operators must still know what chemicals to add, how much to add to the water, and the purpose of the chemical addition.

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Automorphic Forms on GL(3,R) by D. Bump
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