Bellwether by Connie Willis

By Connie Willis

Accomplishing study into chaos concept in a near-future international, statistician Sandra Cochran makes an attempt to set up how to are expecting American tendencies and enters a hilarious collaboration with monkey scientist Bennet Knud.

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It was crimped in even rows down the sides of her head. "A marcel wave," I said. "It was a permanent wave done with a special electrical metal-and-wires apparatus that was about as much fun as going to the dentist," but Flip had already lost interest. "I think if they're going to make you stay after work or make you do extra jobs they should pay you overtime. Like stapling all these funding forms and delivering them to everybody. " "Did you deliver one to Dr. " I said, remembering her habit of dumping packages on closer offices.

Aristocrats had had their hair chopped off to make it easier on the guillotine, and after the Empire was reinstated, relatives and friends had worn their hair short in sympathetic tribute. They'd also tied narrow red ribbons around their necks, but I doubted if that was what the dreadlocks person had had in mind. Or maybe it was. Backpacks were out, and tiny, dangling wallets-on-a-string were in. Also Ugg boots, and kneeless jeans, and plaid flannel shirts. There wasn't an inch of corduroy anywhere.

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Bellwether by Connie Willis
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