Biology: The Core by Eric J. Simon

By Eric J. Simon

Eric Simon’s Biology: The middle combines a 12-chapter textbook and strong content material in MasteringBiology® to provide a versatile new instructing and studying package deal that engages you with concise writing, appealing and potent visuals, and extraordinary interactive electronic assets.

This application bargains an leading edge educating and studying adventure by way of aiding teachers and scholars:

Revolutionize educating out and in of the study room: the original hybrid integration of the publication with MasteringBiology permits your teacher the flexibleness to educate the direction simply the way in which they need through a medium that caters to how you learn.

Emphasize the large photo: The Core’s concise modules concentration your cognizance at the most crucial options and inspire you to work out the relevance of biology to daily life. every one module presents simply enough details that will help you comprehend the subject.

Achieve a simple knowing of biology: The middle combines dynamic figures and illustrations with aiding narrative because the fundamental resource of guideline to create a extra enticing and available studying adventure. attractive and powerful actions in MasteringBiology assist you extra visualize and comprehend advanced organic approaches.

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IONIC BONDS Transfer of electrons COVALENT BONDS Sharing of electrons NONPOLAR COVALENT BONDS Equal sharing of electrons POLAR COVALENT BONDS Unequal sharing of electrons COVALENT BONDS NONPOLAR COVALENT BONDS: Equal sharing of electrons POLAR COVALENT BONDS: Unequal sharing of electrons Due to its chemical nature, the oxygen nucleus more strongly attracts the electrons than the hydrogen nucleus does. H2O: water H Polar bond: unequal sharing of electrons between O and H atoms H C H Nonpolar bond: equal sharing of electrons between C and H atoms A molecule of water contains two polar covalent bonds.

2 Elements Essential to Life ! Four of the 92 naturally occurring elements make up the vast majority of matter within living organisms. Another 7 elements account for much of the remaining mass. Finally, 14 trace elements are present in very tiny amounts, but cells cannot survive without them. 1% The iron in fortified breakfast cereal is identical to that in iron nails. 7% 14 elements are trace elements, each required in miniscule amounts: Chromium Cobalt Copper Fluorine Iodine Iron Manganese Molybdenum Selenium Silicon Tin Vanadium Zinc CORE IDEA: All matter is composed of elements.

OBSERVATION VARIATION Individuals of every species vary in many inherited traits. No two individuals are exactly alike. 7 Evolution: Descent with Modification In The Origin of Species, Darwin made two main points. First, he proposed natural selection: Individuals with traits that make them well suited to compete for available resources will have, on average, more offspring. Second, Darwin proposed that over many generations, continuous natural selection within a population will result in “descent with modification,” Darwin’s term for evolution.

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Biology: The Core by Eric J. Simon
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