Bioluminescence: Chemical Principles And Methods by Osamu Shimomura

By Osamu Shimomura

This ebook, written by means of a exotic scientist within the box, offers a complete review of the biochemical elements of all luminous organisms at the moment recognized. it's the first and in basic terms publication that gives chemical info on all identified bioluminescence structures, in one quantity. a few 35 forms of bioluminescence organisms are mentioned in 10 chapters. The descriptions contain: a background of the invention of luminescence elements resembling luciferins, luciferases and photoproteins; the method of study, explaining how luminescent ingredients were remoted and purified; the homes of luminescent elements; and the response modes and mechanisms concerned, as interpreted presently. vital experimental info and graphs are integrated within the publication, making time-consuming reference searches nearly pointless. worthy suggestion for experimentalists is given in an appendix.

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Bioluminescence: Chemical Principles And Methods by Osamu Shimomura
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