Bittersweet by Nevada Barr

By Nevada Barr

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Good-bye, Imogene. ” He preceded her out of the yard to hold the gate. ” Her voice broke and she turned away. The street was empty; people were closeted in their homes, with curtains drawn against the cold and fires lit against the damp. Windows showed yellow in the October afternoon. Imogene walked quickly down a footpath that was separated from the rutted street by a line of trees. Their branches vanished above her into the fog. Her breath came in clouds and beaded on the soft down of her upper lip.

Mam scooted in next to Sarah, still avoiding her husband’s gaze. A pale, thick woman seated next to Joseph Cogswell sniffed audibly, and a pretty girl with a full figure and the apple cheeks of a child waved at Sarah. Sarah waved back and mouthed, “Hello, Karen,” soundlessly. Three hours later the congregation broke for lunch. People spilled out, easing their cramped legs and backs, the children making it as far as the wide double doors before dropping their Sunday manners to run shouting into the open.

Where’ve you two been? Out without a wrap. Catch your death, I tell you. You stand there by the stove, Sare, until that color goes off your nose. ” “Mam”—Sarah squeezed a word in as she was shepherded to Bittersweet / 11 the big cook stove—“David said you said there was a lady teacher coming. ” Mam pulled back the curtain and looked around the yard. ” David said. His mother shot him a reproving look. “Then I suppose your going won’t hurt,” she said to her daughter. “But you be here when your pa comes home for his supper.

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