Blackveil by Kristen Britain

By Kristen Britain

The long-awaited sequel to eco-friendly Rider, First Rider's name, and The excessive King's Tomb. as soon as an easy pupil, Karigan G'ladheon unearths herself in a global of lethal hazard and intricate magic, forced via forces she can't comprehend whilst she turns into a mythical eco-friendly Rider-one of the mystical messengers of the king. compelled by means of magic to just accept a deadly destiny she may by no means have selected, headstrong Karigan has turn into thoroughly dedicated to the king and her fellow Riders. yet now, an revolt led by way of darkish magicians threatens to wreck the bounds of historic, evil Blackveil Forest-releasing robust darkish magics which were close away for a millennium.

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During trials such as these, Grandmother began to believe their situation hopeless, for she could not even consult the sun or stars for direction in this cloaked, shadowed place. She thought they’d die, forever lost in the tangled wilderness of the forest. She assumed they might yet. Their chances of survival, even if they found their way back to the road, were not good. She was careful never to convey her doubts to the others. She could not. She must hold them together. They expressed complete faith in her, believed she would bring them through this.

The other reason she didn’t want to come home was having to explain her deeds without causing them all to faint. Just remembering the dangers she faced was enough to make her shudder. When her father and aunts recovered, they demanded details. ” She emphasized the role others played in the rescue and left herself out of much of the story. ” She did not bring up the book of Theanduris Silverwood, and in fact managed to avoid referring to any supernatural or magical elements of the story altogether, knowing her father’s dim view of such things.

He wondered, and he rose from his chair and left his office for the entry hall to find out. His butler, the ever efficient Artos, swept by him and yanked the door open. Snow rushed inward with a bitter gust and a figure of white, like a frost wraith of myth, emerged from the tempest and stepped across the threshold. Stevic helped Artos heave the heavy door closed against the wind. Whew, he thought when that was accomplished. He turned to their visitor who set a pair of saddlebags on the floor and commenced brushing snow off him- or herself.

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Blackveil by Kristen Britain
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