Blind Robbery!: How the Fed, Banks and Government Steal Our by Philipp Bagus, Andreas Marquart

By Philipp Bagus, Andreas Marquart

Money doesn't come from the country! really, not anyone believes that assertion. yet they need to. that's simply because the United States, like any different kingdom on this planet, has a natural paper funds approach, within which new funds is created out of skinny air. Andreas Marquart and Philipp Bagus exhibit you the way funds arises and why our present funds is undesirable cash. you'll find out how vital solid cash is for an economic system and what impact undesirable cash has on everybody in society.

What function does the nation, executive, and politics play in redistribution in prefer of the super-rich? Why is a naive religion within the nation whatever except an exceptional method for the longer term for every person citizen?

Anyone who hasn't ever particularly depended on politicians - no matter if it began as just a intestine feeling - will locate affirmation during this booklet that this intestine feeling used to be correct all alongside. a simple to appreciate advent to the query of why cash is accountable for such a lot of difficulties in our society.


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Even the weak and indirect link to gold inherent in the Bretton Woods system limited the politicians too much in their orgies of spending. So it had to go. Since 1971 we have been living under a pure paper money system, in which the money supply can in theory be increased without limit. If there is a bank run, limited gold reserves is not a problem anymore. All the authorities have to do is to print the necessary quantity of new paper money. Wouldn’t it be fun if we could all play that game, and print as much money as we needed?

It arises without any state coercion. The market participants agree voluntarily on the use of certain goods as money, or on multiple goods used side by side. In history, many different goods have been used for this purpose, but eventually market participants tended to settle on gold, silver, or copper. You may have seen old coins in museums, created long before the birth of Christ. If paper money had been in use at the time, the passage of time would have caused most of it to crumple to dust by now.

But no one does when it comes to money! Why is that? Have you ever asked yourself why the government is responsible for our money? Probably not. When people are asked how much trust they have in their politicians, the results are regularly shocking — at least for German politicians. If the Emnid survey from August 2013 is true, about two-thirds of Germans have no faith at all in their politicians. How interesting then that when it comes to managing money, we give the responsibility to exactly this professional group!

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Blind Robbery!: How the Fed, Banks and Government Steal Our by Philipp Bagus, Andreas Marquart
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