Book of Artifacts (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Rulebook) by D. Cook

By D. Cook

A part of the middle principles to the AD&D moment variation online game method, this ebook offers designated details on magical goods and the way to cause them to. a long time 12 and up. All gamers and video game masters. Illustrations, a few in colour.

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The character loses none of the abilities of the other class and can freely mix the powers of both classes. The most favorable adjustments to THACO, saving throws, etc. are used. If the character is a wizard, the selection of spells is doubled, although the PC is still limited to necromantic spells for the additional ones. Curse. To activate and maintain the power of the Rock, the character's closest companion must be claimed each week as a zombie slave. If this is not done, the Rock instantly vanishes, not to be seen again.

The actual tanar'ri contained in the flask can be determined randomly or selected by the DM. It can be released to wreak havoc upon any targets the user chooses for up to 8 hours. If it is killed, it instantly returns to the artifact. The fiend must otherwise be commanded to kill at least once before it can be ordered back into the Flask. If this is not done before the 8 hours expire, the the curse is instantly activated (1/day). Random. 2 from Table 28: Offensive Powers Curse. There is a cumulative 5% chance each time the Flask is used that the tanar'ri will be able to turn on the user.

To use the Organ properly, characters must know two things; the exact song to be played and the settings for the stops of the organ. Only specific combinations of a particular song and exact stop settings have any effect. There are at least 23 powers of the Organ, requiring 23 different songs. ) DMs can create their own list of tunes based on their own tastes in music. ) It is generally a good idea to mix up the selections so that players cannot guess correctly based on their knowledge of the DM.

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Book of Artifacts (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Rulebook) by D. Cook
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