Bulk Carrier Practice: A Practical Guide by Jack Isbester

By Jack Isbester

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He should consult his owners as far as is possible and should take great care before clausing bills of lading, mate's receipts or other documents evidencing the quantity, quality and condition of the goods loaded. The start and finish of the charter period are normally marked by delivery and redelivery surveys. The purpose of these surveys is to observe and record the condition of the ship and to measure the bunkers aboard at both ends of the charter period. The results of the survey provide the facts required for settlement between owner and charterer of any claim for damage to the ship, or bunkers consumed or remaining.

This permits the other parties to remind the master of his rights and responsibilities under the charterparty, should that be necessary. Failure to comply with the terms of the charterparty can be expensive, so the master should consult his documents and his principals whenever he is in doubt. Master's responsibilities The master is, nowadays, almost always in a position to communicate with the owner and/or the cargo owner by telex, fax or telephone for instructions in difficult or extraordinary situations.

The master will be advised of which radio stations to monitor and of the preferred method of sending and coding communications. He will also be told how to address both routine and emergency messages, and is likely to be reminded that he must provide the charterers with log abstracts. Consultation with owners and charterers: Most shipmasters know that they should consult their owners and charterers whenever an unusual situation arises. This permits the other parties to remind the master of his rights and responsibilities under the charterparty, should that be necessary.

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