Burgers-KPZ Turbulence: Göttingen Lectures by Wojbor A. Woyczynski

By Wojbor A. Woyczynski

These lecture notes are woven round the topic of Burgers' turbulence/KPZ version of interface progress, a research of the nonlinear parabolic equation with random preliminary information. The research is carried out in most cases within the space-time area, with much less consciousness paid to the frequency-domain photo. in spite of the fact that, the bibliography includes a extra whole information regarding different instructions within the box which during the last decade loved a lively growth. The notes are addressed to a various viewers, together with mathematicians, statisticians, physicists, fluid dynamicists and engineers, and include either rigorous and heuristic arguments. end result of the multidisciplinary viewers, the notes additionally contain a concise exposition of a few classical subject matters in likelihood idea, similar to Brownian movement, Wiener polynomial chaos, etc.

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H i . ( X m ) : i l , . . , i m e N} forms an orthogonal basis in (R", xm). Since ,xp(5 (x--t) u =exp ~ - - exp 46 LECTURE 4. PARABOLIC APPROXIMATION we see that, for every t, x C R, exp(tx-~)=~tnhn(x). (2) n=0 Clearly, ho(x) - 1. Moreover, the identity ( d / d x ) e x p ( t x - t2/2) = t exp(tx - t2/2), implies that ~ - 0 tnh~-l(x) -- ~ = o tnh'n(X), which yields the following Rodrigues Formula for the Hermite polynomials: For each x C R and n -- 1 , 2 , . . , h ' ( x ) = hn_l(x). , (n + 1)h~+l(x) = xhn(x) hn-](x).

EXACT SOLUTIONS 31 and, approximately, u (x , t ) = 2 u exp(-x2/4ut) ~f ~t~ l + S --- ~rf (~2-V' ~ ) " Writing the small p a r a m e t e r - av/-~ exp where a is a new x ~ O, u(x,t) 0 _~ x < av/t, u(x,t) for for constant, we get that for x > av"t, u(x,t) fK [ x2 \ V7 exp(- 7); x t' a ~ ~exp + . e. with x = a v ~ + 4 s v ~ where s is small, g u(x,t) ~ -Z-~ (l-tanha--~sy ) 9 T h e shape of the solution is pictured in Fig. 1. ~ x-axis oqq F i g . 1. The shape of a solution of Burgers' equation with point mass initial data uo(x) = 5o(x).

Consequently w(A'l) . . . w(A'd, ) _L w ( A , ~ ) . . - w(A~). T h e covariance in P r o p e r t y 3 ~ can be obtained by a straightforward c o m p u t a t i o n . ,id

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Burgers-KPZ Turbulence: Göttingen Lectures by Wojbor A. Woyczynski
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