Cast in Flame (Chronicles of Elantra, Book 10) by Michelle Sagara

By Michelle Sagara

Any day that begins with dragon arguments goes to be undesirable

Kaylin back from the West March in a single piece. Now that piece is fraying. She's now not at domestic within the Imperial Palace—and she by no means intends to be. All she desires is general garden-variety criminals and a spot of her personal. in fact, general in her new lifestyles includes a dragon as a roommate, yet she will deal with that.

She can't as simply deal with the hot citizens to town she polices, simply because one among them is Nightshade's more youthful brother. On an evening whilst she can be speaking to landlords in completely common structures, she's known as to the fief—by Teela. A small relatives war of words has develop into a wide, advanced challenge: fort Nightshade's latent magic is waking.

And it's now not the single factor.

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Almost absentmindedly, she returned the key to its lock, giving the mates at least peace in their reunion. Quivering with cold and exhaustion, she took a deep breath and sank to the grass, without particular care for the wet or the cold soaking through her woolen skirts. From her bag, she took a small flask of wine and drank deeply. The wine, mulled with herbs, replenished her mangled nerves as it made a quick course down her gullet and into the pit of her stomach. She almost wished now that she had eaten earlier.

Only a ditch and a gravel road separated her from the walls surrounding the cemetery. She sat on the ground and worked her way into the ditch. With a little bit of luck and a couple of well-placed rocks, Luciana managed to avoid the little stream at its bottom. Using fistfuls of long, coarse grass, she pulled herself up the other side. It was a difficult climb made more complicated by her efforts to balance the oil lamp as she did so. The flame flickered crazily and she felt the oil slosh inside the lamp.

Her presence would be so much harder to explain. “Come. We must get you back to your suite,” Nicobar said, tugging on her arm. She turned away from the guardsmen who were heading back and allowed her aide to help her from the ditch. It had already been a long night. She must rest. And think. Luciana paused as they entered the orchard. ” “Prunella noted that you left the suite and, feeling it was inappropriate for either of you to be out without an escort, she woke me. The rest was easy enough. ” “There’ll be the devil to pay in the morning,” Luciana groaned.

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Cast in Flame (Chronicles of Elantra, Book 10) by Michelle Sagara
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